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These are some of the features of VideoDB

  • fetch movie data/covers from external sites:
    • Internet Movie Database, the primary data provider for VideoDB (supports all movie information including images)
    • Amazon (allows partial data only but supports images)
    • TV Tome (supports actor and TV series/ episodes information but no images)
    • Google Images (supports images)
  • fetched images for covers or actors are cached locally
  • mark movies as seen
  • advanced search functionality to find items by
    • genre
    • title/subtitle
    • plot
    • cast data and many more
  • filter for TV episodes
  • random movie function
  • simple borrow manager
  • multilanguage support (english, german, italian, spanish, french, polish, portuguese, russian, bulgarian, brasilian portuguese)
  • up to four user definable fields that can be adjusted with custom input/output functions for your needs
  • allow access restriction to local network only
  • design is completely customizable using Smarty templates
  • internal IMDB Browser allows easy addition of data
  • multiuser support
  • add games etc xbox ps2 and link to just like imdb
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