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a webbased feed aggregator inspired by lilina


I used Panayotis Vryonis' feed reader lilinia for a while and found it the best webbased reader with the best user interface available. It only had one problem: speed. A lilina page with items from my 50 or something subscribed feeds took ages to load. So I thought to simply add mysql database support.

While digging through the code I suffered from my not-invented-here syndrome and started to recode big parts. Ending up with a completely new application. I wrote my own HTTP-Client (or better used the one I wrote for DokuWiki) and did the same for a very simple ATOM/RSS parser. The only thing left from the original lilina is the stylesheet and the JavaScripts.

Update: Eric Harmon improved my code and added many features that where missing. His code is available under the name lylina and available at sourceforge.


lalina Screenshot

  • RSS and ATOM parsing
  • MySQL database support
  • HTTP lib with Conditional Requests
  • Multiuser-Support
  • Slick Interface borrowed from lilinia 1)

What's missing

  • Feed-Icons
  • Fetching feed-URLs from websites (using the <link rel=“alternate”> tags)
  • Javascipt causes errors (but works)
  • Mark things as read - this is not in lalina either but would be great to have
  • code comments
  • Lot's of other candy

Where to get

I put up an darcs repository and autogenerated snapshots. I have no time to support this as a real project and am happy if anyone adopts it. I will probably answer no questions or give any help on it - but you can try of course.

How to install

Untar or fetch via darcs. Install the database with the provided lalina.sql script. Add a first user with the following SQL (uses 'admin' as password - you can change it later):

INSERT INTO lalina_users SET login='admin', pass='$1$1397484d$xt7b9DtY9aJt3XWjAQwJ//';

Create a cronjob for the feed fetcher:

*/10 * * * * cd /path/to/lalina/ && /usr/bin/php4 fetch.php >/dev/null 2>/dev/null

Log in and add some feeds.

check it out first, lalina nearly looks the same except for the missing icons
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