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Quake3 Arena on Linux

q3abox.jpg This is what I did to get my Linux Version to work with the nvidia drivers on my Debian system. Yes I bought the Linux version of this game back then :-)

Install using the to ~/games/quake3

Link NVidia's to the Q3A directory:

$> ln -s /usr/lib/ ~/games/quake3

Maybe you also need to link into the Q3A directory:

$> ln -s /usr/lib/ ~/games/quake3

Put the following in ~/games/quake3/baseq3/autoexec.cfg

set vm_game 2 
set vm_cgame 2 
set vm_ui 2 

Get the 1.30 point release - don't use newer versions or you can't connect to private servers anymore. Do a google search for

I used this link:

Edit ~/games/quake3/quake3 to use my Alsa with Arts setup.

cd "$HOME/games/quake3"
artsdsp -m ./quake3.x86 $*
exit 0

run it

$> ~/quake3/quake3

Hint: have a look at this site

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