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Creating PEAR and PECL Debian packages

If you use Debian's PHP packages it makes sense to install additional packages from PECL and PEAR as Debian packages as well.

Here is how to create such a package. We will install the runkit extension which is needed for some of DokuWiki's Unit Tests.

#> apt-get install dh-make-php php4-pear php4-dev php5-dev fakeroot

First get the sources with pear download:

$> pear download runkit
File runkit-0.7.tgz downloaded (41683 bytes)

Now use dh-make-pecl to unpack and create the directory structure needed for the Debian build tools. The options defines the maintainer set in the package description.

$> dh-make-pecl --maintainer 'Andreas Gohr <>' runkit-0.7.tgz

If you want you can modify the package description in php-runkit-0.7/debian/control befor building the package.

$> cd php-runkit-0.7
$> dpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot
$> cd ..

You now have a Debian Package for your extension.

For the lazy people the packages of runkit 0.7 are available here.

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