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What's on my Palm Tungsten E2


HandyShopper is one step closer to running paperless. It is a shopping list on steroids. It handles multiple stores and prizes and is simple to use in the supermarket by using it's “one handed mode”. Freeware.
Keyring is a secure way to store all your passwords. They are stored with heavy encryption and a master password is needed to access them. There even exists a JPilot plugin to access the password database from your desktop. GPL.
Metro is a handy tool available for various platforms. It calculates the best route for Subway nets in Cities all over the world. Freeware.
SmartInput allows you to create memos, todos and appointments from a single interface. Up to 10 predefinable text macros are available from a quick button. Freeware.
nvbackup is a simple but powerful backup tool which saves gzip compressed archives of your Palm's internal memory to the SD card. Backups can be automated and applications can be restored selectivly. BSD licensend.
PalmPDF is a PDF reader for the Palm platform for viewing native PDFs stored on memory card. Based on the popular XPDF Unix tool. GPL.


BatteryGraph is a little tool to monitor your Palm's battery load. It saves your on- and off-times and displays some graphs how the voltage level changed during the last few days. Not essential, but nice to have. Freeware.
McPhling allows you to switch back and forth between two applications by a single stylus stroke. It can also popup a list of the last few used applications. This allows you to switch between apps without going back to the launcher. A real time saver. GPL Shareware.
FileZ is a file manager for the Palm. It can beam, copy and delete programs, can access your memory card and much more. Essential. Freeware.
link CutPaste5 increases the amount of characters the clipboard can hold. The built in clipboard functions are limited to 1024 characters - not enough to copy larger memos. CutPaste5 can copy up to 25kB. The tool integrates it self into the Preferences panel. Freeware.
Snap is the utility that was used to capture the icons used on this page. It's a simple but working screenshot utility that saves directly to memory card (as BMP). Freeware.
Feiertage inserts german holidays and (if wanted) birthdays into your datebook. Freeware.
SnapCalc is a simple calculator. The special thing is that you can call it from within any other Palm program without exiting it. SnapCalc can insert the result of a calculation back into the runnning program. Great tool for quickly calculation something in the memo tool or anywhere else. GPL.


SpaceTrader is a complex game in the tradition of Dope Wars. You're an intergalactic merchant and have to trade various legal and illegal goods between different planets. You need to deal with pirates, the police and aliens until you have earned enough to buy your own moon to retire. Freeware.
iRogue is the perfect game to shorten the time While waiting for a Palm port of Nethack. The new beta even supports a graphic tileset (if you aren't a purist). iRogue isn't as complex as nethack (eg. no character classes or pets) it's gameplay is very similar. GPL.
Gomoku is the classical 5 in row game. The AI is very hard to beat. Well at least for me.
Pilldrop is a cool Tetrislike game similar to the old Gameboy classic Dr. Wario. Remove virii by dropping the correct colored pills next to them. Freeware.
ScummVM is a runtime environment for LucasArts adventure games like Monkey Island or Day of the Tentacle. That's right! You can play them on your Palm! Just copy the game files to your memory card. GPL.
FreeJongg is a free implementation of the ancient Chinese tile matching game. Great time killer. Freeware.
What's the score is a nice replacement for the pen and paper way of keeping scores for traditional board games. The original download site seems to be down but the file is still available at Tucows. Hint: to change the playernames you need to go to the menu, select Edit → Preferences and select the menu there again. Not very intuitive to have a menu in the menu dialog but once you know it's okay. Freeware.
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