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Fix darcs.cgi with non-Unicode chars in patch names

Darcs itself doesn't care about Encodings. This means it may happen you get non-UTF-8 characters in patch or author names. Unfortunately the darcs.cgi Perl script simply pipes darcs XML output through xsltproc, which doesn't like non UTF-8 input at all. Here is a quick'n'dirty fix:

Find the sub transform in /usr/lib/cgi-bin/darcs.cgi and change the following line:

open $pipe, "|$xslt_program $args $xslt -";

To this:

open $pipe, "|/usr/bin/iconv -c -f utf-8 -t utf-8|$xslt_program $args $xslt -";

It pipes the input through iconv at let it strip all illegal characters.

Enable plain text messages per default in Thunderbird

This is hidden in Tools → Account settings → Composition and addressing


Have you ever thought of using C as a script language? Well it's possible with TCC (Tiny C Compiler) - a small and very fast C compiler. On Debian just run apt-get install tcc to install it.

Here is an example how it works:

#!/usr/bin/tcc -run
#include <stdio.h>
main (){
  printf("hello world\n");

Just make it executable and run it like a shell script. It's compiled and run on the fly.

Hmmm now when I thinking about this… well of course you could use csh… hmm… no… this is definatly cooler! ;-)

LM-Hash decoding


Disk storage has increased tremendously in the past 5 years and the blatant insecurities in the antiquated LM hashing technique have not gone away; though functionality has been added to disable LM hashes, this is not set by default. With some help from Elcomsoft, simple flat files have been created that hold every combination of LM hash for letters only passwords. Jesko has coded a server application which allows you to access this database. Simply telnet to: on port 2501 and paste in a LM hash. So how does this differ from Rainbow tables? Well this will return a password 100% of the time, using minimal processor power, in approximately less than 0.2 seconds.

See also:;EN-US;q299656

Fix Windows XP boot stuff

The tools you're looking for are available in the Recovery-Console on the Windows CD (Press R on first install screen) and are called fixboot and fixmbr.

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