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What's on my Nokia 6630

This is a list of additional software on my mobile phone.


users.skynet.be_domi_images_scr4_english.jpgFExplorer is a powerful file browser which allows you to find, copy, rename, move, delete and send files. It comes with many integrated goodies like a screenshot taker and a process list. To use the Screenshot feature, enable it with Options→Tools→Turn Screenshot ON then press the pen key and 0 simultaneously.


autolock.jpg For some reason Nokia did not include a feature to automatically lock the keys of your phone after some inactivity time. AutoLock add this feature - simple, reliable and free.

ReadM Ebook Reader

www.allaboutsymbian.com_features_images_readm.jpg ReadM is an freeware ebook reader by Alexander Zavorine which supports multiple formats. The installer asks you which features you want to install. I chose the bookmark plugin, support for gzipped text and for Aportis Doc format (aka. Palm Doc).

Métro Métro allows you to find your way through a city's local traffic system. You just enter two stations (or place of interest) and the tool shows you the shortest connection between both places. Entering stationnames with T9 is a bit tricky though. Lots of cities are supported.


www.wildpalm.net_supergoboy_goboy2.jpg SuperGoBoy is a commercial Gameboy emulator. The free version unfortunatly doesn't work on the 6630. Not all Gameboy titles are useful with the Nokia Keys but Tetris and Zelda work great :-D and unlike on a real gameboy you can save everytime you like.


Q: How did you make these screenshots?

A: FExplorer has a feature which can be activated in the Options

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