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DIP Project


I pledge on my honor that i have not given or received any undue assistance in this or any other previous assignment.

Group Members

Amit Arora ( 04d05006 )

Manpreet Singh ( 04005008 )

Vishaal Jatav ( 04d05013 )

Varun Garg ( 04d05015 )

Project Proposal

Image inpaining is the process of recovering lost or corrupted parts of the image or delibratelty removing unwanted objects

from an image in a visually plausible way. Image inpainting find its application in restoring old paintings, removing text/publicity

from images, introducing special effects in images/videos, etc. We try to solve this problem by categorizing it into two

sub-categories, viz. filling the damaged image gaps (image restoration) and removing unwanted objects (special effects).

Work Distribution

All Group members have done Equal Work .


The algorithms are taken from the papers listed below .

  1. paper 1
  2. paper 2

The following are the features implemented <box>Image inpainting </box>

Image inpainting part performs the following two functions

* Defect Removal by Region Selection .

The user can select the region to be inpainted using the GUI as shown in the figure ..the defected areas are selected by the click and drag option , they can also be selected by giving boundary points a polygon consisting of all the points bounded by those is automatically selected ..


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