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Sometimes you want to monitor changes in a CVS server were you have access to install a script like this one. This is when the following script comes in handy. It fetches the needed data from the remote CVS server and converts it to RSS to read in your RSS reader.

You need the feedcreator class and the cvs commandline utility.

//you need the feedcreator class from
$CVS_BIN  = '/usr/bin/cvs'; #Path to the binary
$CVS_ROOT = ''; #The CVS root
$CVS_REP  = 'videodb'; #The repository in the above root
$CVS_DATE = '1 days ago'; #This is to limit the amount of data returned (CVS Date Syntax)
$CVS_LINK = ''; #The URL to WebCVS of the project
$FILE     = 'cvs-videodb.xml'; #were to cache the resulting feed

//Create the feed object
$rss = new UniversalFeedCreator();
$rss->title = "CVS commits for $CVS_REP";
$rss->description = "Autogenerated RSS feed for all $CVS_REP commits $CVS_DATE";
$rss->link = "$CVS_LINK";
#$rss->syndicationURL = ; //FIXME

//make params safe
$CVS_ROOT = escapeshellarg($CVS_ROOT);
$CVS_REP  = escapeshellarg($CVS_REP);
$CVS_DATE = escapeshellarg($CVS_DATE);
//fetch data
$changes = cvs_commits();
//add items if any
foreach($changes as $change){
  $fields = preg_split('!\s+!',$change);
  ($fields[7] == 'CVSROOT') ? $dir = '' : $dir = $fields[7];
  $file = $dir.'/'.$fields[6];
  $item = new FeedItem();
  $item->title  = $file.' '.cvs_flags($fields[0]);
  $item->link   = $CVS_LINK.$file.'?rev='.$fields[5];
  $item->author = $fields[4];
  $item->date   = strtotime($fields[1].' '.$fields[2].' '.$fields[3]);
  $item->description = cvs_details($file,$fields[5]);
$rss->saveFeed("RSS2.0", $FILE);
//endof main
// fetch commit data
function cvs_commits(){
  global $CVS_BIN;
  global $CVS_ROOT;
  global $CVS_REP;
  global $CVS_DATE;
  $changes = array();
  $cmd = "$CVS_BIN -d $CVS_ROOT history -c -a -l -p $CVS_REP -D $CVS_DATE";
  $changes = split("\n",shell_exec($cmd));
  if(count($changes) == 0 || $changes[0] == 'No records selected.'){
    return array();
  return $changes;
// fetch file description
function cvs_details($file,$rev){
  global $CVS_BIN;
  global $CVS_ROOT;
  @set_time_limit(30); //reset execution time
  $file = escapeshellarg($file);
  $cmd  = "$CVS_BIN -d $CVS_ROOT rlog -r$rev $file";
  $out = shell_exec($cmd);
    $out = trim($matches[1]);
    $out = trim($out,'=-');
    $out = nl2br($out);
  return $out;
// realname for cvs flags
function cvs_flags($flag){
  switch ($flag){
    case 'O': return 'checked out';
    case 'T': return 'tagged';
    case 'F': return 'released';
    case 'W': return 'removed from form entries';
    case 'U': return 'overwritten';
    case 'G': return 'merged';
    case 'C': return 'merged with conflicts';
    case 'M': return 'modified';
    case 'A': return 'added';
    case 'R': return 'removed file';
    case 'E': return 'exported';
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