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 +====== Multiuser Mode ======
 +[[vdb:VideoDB]] can optionally work with multiple users. To enable this, go to the [[vdb:configuration]] screen and check the ''Multiuser Support'' checkbox.
 +===== Logging in =====
 +When multiuser mode is enabled a new menu item ''Login'' appears. Use your username and password to login. You must have cookies enabled or it won't work! When you check the ''stay logged in'' checkbox the cookie will not expire after the current browser session.
 +On database creation an initial user with administration rights is created:
 +  Username: admin
 +  Password: admin
 +===== Add and modify users =====
 +Follow the link ''Usermanagement'' from the [[vdb:configuration]] screen.
 +Be sure to change the password of the admin user!
 +The following user permissions are available:
 +  * **View all**            Users with this flag are allowed to see movies of all users in the videodb system.
 +  * **Modify all**          Users with this flag are allowed to change any detail of each movie in the videodb system.
 +  * **View adult**          You can define movie genres which are not suitable for minors and should be hidden from all users which do not have this permission flag set.
 +  * **Administration**      Users with this flag may do all configuration and usermanagement work.
 +  * **Permissions**         This button links to the user to user permissions, where you can decide what rights a user has on another users movies.
 +===== User Profiles =====
 +In multiuser mode logged in users may change their own preferences in the ''Profile'' screen. This overrides some settings from the [[vdb:configuration]].
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