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 +====== Multiuser Mode ======
 +[[vdb:​VideoDB]] can optionally work with multiple users. To enable this, go to the [[vdb:​configuration]] screen and check the ''​Multiuser Support''​ checkbox.
 +===== Logging in =====
 +When multiuser mode is enabled a new menu item ''​Login''​ appears. Use your username and password to login. You must have cookies enabled or it won't work! When you check the ''​stay logged in''​ checkbox the cookie will not expire after the current browser session.
 +On database creation an initial user with administration rights is created:
 +  Username: admin
 +  Password: admin
 +===== Add and modify users =====
 +Follow the link ''​Usermanagement''​ from the [[vdb:​configuration]] screen.
 +Be sure to change the password of the admin user!
 +The following user permissions are available:
 +  * **View all**            Users with this flag are allowed to see movies of all users in the videodb system.
 +  * **Modify all**          Users with this flag are allowed to change any detail of each movie in the videodb system.
 +  * **View adult** ​         You can define movie genres which are not suitable for minors and should be hidden from all users which do not have this permission flag set.
 +  * **Administration** ​     Users with this flag may do all configuration and usermanagement work.
 +  * **Permissions** ​        This button links to the user to user permissions,​ where you can decide what rights a user has on another users movies.
 +===== User Profiles =====
 +In multiuser mode logged in users may change their own preferences in the ''​Profile''​ screen. This overrides some settings from the [[vdb:​configuration]].
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