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 +====== Configuration ======
 +The configuration screen is only available when logged in with administrator rights or in single user mode. Some of the options are overridable by user profiles.
 +===== Cache Control =====
 +At top of the config screen is a cache controlbar which lets you delete expired cache data from IMDB requests. Optionally you can delete the whole IMDB cache, too.
 +===== Custom Types =====
 +VideoDB supports up to four user definable custom fields which can be created in the config screen. The following customtypes available:
 +  * **text**     This is a simple textfield nothing special about it
 +  * **url**      This shows a clickable link in the show view
 +  * **ed2k**     You may enter a MD4 sum and a clickable eDonkey link will be generated from this field, the filesize and the filename
 +  * **language** This is another language field. It will display the same languageflags for quickentry as the standard one.
 +  * **rating**   You can rate a movie with this field. It can be filled from IMDB.
 +  * **orgtitle** This is the same as the standard title field, it gets filled from IMDB. This is useful if you store translated title of the movie in the title field.
 +  * **movix**    If you use Movix on your CDs you can choose the version with this field.
 +  * **mpaa**     This field can hold the movie rating of the Motion Picture Association of America. It gets filled from the IMDB.
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