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 +====== play .m3u playlists via http ======
 +All my mp3s are stored on my filesever. Normally I just mount the mp3 directory on my current workstation (either via NFS or Samba). I have some playlists too which store all files with relative paths (relative to the playlist location). This works fine.
 +But sometimes I want to have an easy way to listen to a playlist without mounting anything (eg. when using the laptop). So I made the mp3 files and playlists available on my local Apache webserver and use the following short CGI to get a playlist with http adresses to the file.
 +<code perl>
 +$WEBDIR = '/​var/​www';​
 +$WEBSERVER = '​xerxes';​
 +use CGI;
 +use File::​Basename;​
 +print "​Content-type:​ audio/​x-mpegurl\r\n\r\n";​
 +$q = new CGI();
 +$list = $q->​param('​list'​);​
 +$dir  = dirname($list);​
 +$list = $WEBDIR.'/'​.$list;​
 +open (LIST, $list) or die("​Could not read $list"​);​
 +@m3u = <​LIST>;​
 +close LIST;
 +foreach $file (@m3u){
 + $file = '​http://'​.$WEBSERVER.$dir.'/'​.$file;​
 + ​chomp($file);​
 + print "​$file\n";​
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